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Welcome to the new era of lighting

Welcome to the new era of lighting

At Roschi Technology we undertake all kinds of electrical installations and lighting projects designed to save energy and costs. Through our engineering department we conduct energy studies, with no obligation, to show our potential clients their current electricity consumption, what they would consume using our LED lights, and the time required to recover their investment in our products.



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LED technology

LED technology is a durable, adaptable and ecological lighting system with very low consumption. The LED system is now the the highest profile light source with the best prospects. All large lighting system manufacturers are committed to this technology, which will be the principal light source of the future.

Energy studies

The Roschi Technology engineering team conducts energy studies, with no charge to clients, to show current consumption, what they’d consume after installing Roschi products, and the time required to recover the investment. After presenting the study, we offer clients the possibility to have a trial installation set up in their premises free of charge and with no obligation. Request a quote

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